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SQUA – bArFoso





Small bites passed – $0


scotch $5 


-saturday  AUG 26th  2017                                                                                                                         8pm – 3am (maybe l8r)



bEEr $3



                        always; espresso kapuchino  makiatttto – each $3


U drive to barPWuatZo around 9:00; order a scotch, fried rice + omelette, and a beer for dinner. sssssquwwander around for a bit

You will FUKu

Sweet and savory fried rice with morsels of smoked grilled mushrooms,  swaddled by a perfectly cooked omelette – magnificently paired for a night of drinking.

first to arrive

Arrive, walk to bar, light cigarette

Sloppy? Take pics on top of the Corolla, grab a belt off the street wear it as a dog collar, like sNm style.

Arrive late and walk to the bar, drink scotch

Arrive late drinking scotch drink scotch

‘No fire, just light, No fire, mouth burn bright’

“Tastes are formed in conversation, and one adopts the taste of others through association. Therefore, it’s a great joy to have intercourse with people of excellent taste.

Look 4 parking – finally you have arrived. Warm fruit and a scotch.

Walk up to SQUA and decide it’s not your nite.

Drunk, you decided to come to squa – it’s 1:30… you order fried rice/omelette. Go deeper – scotch – beer, scotch -beer   a lil ciggy s c so  tt hch be e    ..  lil dee  e pper  b o t c   h   be   e    e    r

Eat Rice, Eat Eggs, Eat Cheese, Eat Peas’

Pregame around 12:00, you come for scotch and a beer, someone will point you to a party. Hungry!!*? Order a fried rice-omelette and eat.

tiny quattro fromaggi … frenchy

Drunk, you decide to come to squa; it’s 8:00, we plaster U and U love it.

Come by and nibble the peas, melted cheese bites & cube fruit__ they are on the house, drink nothing – leave without a care in the world.

Drink Scotch; talk to me, and let your mouth bounce like a mirror

The room isn’t Quite as U remember – neither is the air – you leave- get a friend – and come back-

Food in mouth; Scotch in your throat too

Omelette and fried rice for dinner slurp – slurp scotch for dessert and admire the decor, the lights, and the people, .

omULette and fried rice, drive it around, see how it fits, check out it’s features

You roll to squa early because you werk at a club, we give you a free drink and omu.

Your stomach is a bagpipe.

Omel ‘Cirque du Soleil’ ette


no reservations – casual bar style – bring anyone – U fo

(rezzeez)              (kaajsh)             (cash only)


Above text written by Andrew Kennedy, Amanda Seigel and Benjamin Turner

Miniature ovens conceived of and crafted by Andrew Kennedy and Benjamin Turner.



o s o

mezcal $ 5

beer $ 3


food $5

…etc bites

cash only on the floor

SATURDAY – – JULY 8th 2017 10PM – – – 3ish =-…

no reservations – casual bar style – bring anyone – U fo
(rezzeez) (kaajsh) (cash only)



1.feat  AS AK BT